Getting The Right Foundation For You  

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Emulsion foundations offer less of a glow than liquid or cream solutions but provide more effective concealment of blemishes and imperfections.

Cream foundations are formed from a high concentration of oils and are consequently more use to people suffering from dry skin. Similar to emulsions, creams provide a heavy cover which is good for concealment while also giving more of a glossy finish.

Types of FoundationLiquid foundations are available for all skin types and are one of the most popular forms of foundation. Liquid foundations also gives off a glossy finish but does not offer the same level of concealment as a cream foundation.

Foundation gels emit a lighter, more natural look and are useful if you have a clear complexion with little or no blemishes.

Cake foundation is a solid form of foundation, also called sticks. Cake has a drying effect which has the most benefit to people who suffer from oily skin. Cakes provide a thick layer of foundation which is effective in concealing imperfections such as scars.

Compact and loose powders are effective in reducing the visibility of unwanted moisture in the skin, soaking up oils and reducing shine. Originally, full cover face powders were popular but these have now given way to transparent powders. 

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