Getting The Right Foundation For You  

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Emulsion foundations offer less of a glow than liquid or cream solutions but provide more effective concealment of blemishes and imperfections.

Cream foundations are formed from a high concentration of oils and are consequently more use to people suffering from dry skin. Similar to emulsions, creams provide a heavy cover which is good for concealment while also giving more of a glossy finish.

Types of FoundationLiquid foundations are available for all skin types and are one of the most popular forms of foundation. Liquid foundations also gives off a glossy finish but does not offer the same level of concealment as a cream foundation.

Foundation gels emit a lighter, more natural look and are useful if you have a clear complexion with little or no blemishes.

Cake foundation is a solid form of foundation, also called sticks. Cake has a drying effect which has the most benefit to people who suffer from oily skin. Cakes provide a thick layer of foundation which is effective in concealing imperfections such as scars.

Compact and loose powders are effective in reducing the visibility of unwanted moisture in the skin, soaking up oils and reducing shine. Originally, full cover face powders were popular but these have now given way to transparent powders. 

How to take care of your eyes  

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  • Eat lots of fruits & veggies! Carrots, loaded with beta carotene are especially helpful in maintaining healthy eyes.
  • Use allergen-reducing eye drops sparingly. Using an allergen-reducing eye drop during allergy season to ‘get the red out’ and sooth itchiness may help on a limited basis, but chronic daily use can actually make the problem worse.
  • Try not to spend so much time looking at your computer screen. (As a matter of fact, now would be a good time to give your eyes a break, since you’re not doing anything too important.)
  • Dont ever rub your eyes when you have something in your eye!
  • Wear UV protective sunglasses. Get polarized lenses, NOT just darker lenses. The lenses that only make the world darker will just make your pupils dilate and don’t do a thing to stop the UV rays. You can buy a lot of UV protective discount prescription eyeglasses for you to be protective with the sun. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can harm your eyesight, protection in youth can help prevent loss of eyesight in later years.
  • Be sure to wear goggles or other eye protective wear when working with chemicals or any place with harmful airborne particulates.

The Beauty Foods  

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What To Eat Each Day For Looks And Health

Apple Cider Vinegar
Beside having amazing healing properties, apple cider vinegar keeps skin supple. It's heavy concentration of enzymes helps peel off dead skin cells. It breaks down fat and helps food digest properly.

Maintain the outer layer of the skin to prevent premature aging. What you'll find in is the same as you'll get in Retin A.

To ensure a happy smile, add a slice or two of hard cheeese into your diet. Choose Swiss, cheddar, or gouda to block bacteria in the mouth and prevent cavities.

Citrus Fruits
Hold the skin cells together by forming collagen. Collagen cannot be added to the skin topically, which is why fruits and fruit juices are such an important part of the daily diet.

Keep urinary tract lining healthy.

Helps combat wrinkles and restores tissue.

Nonfat Yogurt
High in calcium, which keeps your smile white and your teeth cavity-free.

Sweet Potatoes Vitamin A is known to be a remarkable anti-wrinkling agent. Sweet potatoes are full of this important vitamin. The pleasing results is clearer, smoother skin.

These "love apples" will keep you loving your skin. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium.

Wheat Germ
If you want to get rid of pimples quickly and efficiently, make sure to include two or three tablespoons a day in your diet. Add it to cereal, yogurt, and cottage cheese.

You should choose foods that you enjoy, of course, but you need to include the following:

Three to five servings daily. Try to include one serving of raw, leafy greens.

Have no more than three three ounce servings a day. Cut off all fat. Try to make two servings of turkey or chicken. One serving of fish a day is ideal.

Two to three servings daily. A 1/2 cup of chopped or sliced fruit is a serving. Fruit Salad.

At least two servings daily. A serving would be eight ounces of milk or yogurt.

Salad dressing, cooking oil, butter, and mayonnaise should be limited to two servings a day.

Perfect Makeup  

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No matter what time of day it is, or how busy you are, there are certain golden rules when applying your makeup. Here is a short guide to getting your war paint right every time!

Laying The Foundations

Foundation should be the perfect match to your skin tone. Nobody looks good when they have skin the color of a pumpkin! And worse yet, beware of the tidemarks at the jaw line. Always make sure that your foundation is well blended if you want to avoid looking like yore wearing a mask.

    Top tip - if you use a shimmering moisturizer before you apply your foundation then your skin will absolutely glow!

Dark Circles?

No way! There is a huge range of products on the market for different tones and textures of concealer. Dont be tempted to go two shades lighter than your natural color, as it will make the darkness of your skin more gray and muddy. And be careful not to lay it on too thick. Apart from the fact that it looks like youre wearing too much makeup, it may also damage the delicate skin beneath your eyes. Remember, you want to tint the discoloration, not mask it.

    Top tip - Have a good look at the actual color of your dark circles. If your darkness is gray, lightly apply a soft pink eye shadow to the circles before applying your foundation. If your darkness is more of a blue hue, use a light peach color first instead.

Powdering Up

Keep your powder application light by using loose powder and a big brush for application. Less is definitely more here. Make sure that you buy a good powder that will sink into your skin, rather than visibly lie of the top of it.

    Top tip - before applying your powder, try blotting your foundation with a tissue. This will remove any excess oils, and help to stop you from getting shiny.

Blushing Beauty

Only apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks, and build up the color layers slowly. Next, blend the blush in so that the color looks natural. Remember, your just trying to enhance the facial definition that you already have. No matter how much we may want to, it is impossible to draw on fantastic cheekbones. Just be yourself!

    Top tip - if you make a mistake and put too much blusher on, don't panic! You don't need to start over. Instead, just moisten a sponge and gently dab your cheeks with it. This will dilute the color and return your overall look to something acceptable!

Luscious Lips

Whatever lipstick you use, there is one golden rule to follow... just make sure that it is right for your skin tone, hair and eye coloring. Go vampy for the night time with darker shades, and keep it calm and cute with tinted lip-gloss during the day.

    Top tip - if you want great looking shimmery lips try applying sparkling eye shadow over the top of your lipstick to create a new shiny shade, absolutely free!

Powerful Peepers

So long as its applied in a constant, unwobbly line, your eyeliner can be as bold as you wish. Use lighter shades of eye shadow during the day, and go darker at night. A shimmering highlighter applied just beneath the eyebrow gives even the most tired looking peepers a lift. And always apply your mascara in thin coats, building up the length and thickness slowly. This helps to avoid that terrible clumping which can happen it you try to apply too much, too soon.

    Top tip - blend your eyeliner with a thin layer of eye shadow. This will make your eyes look absolutely magnetic!

How to achieve and maintain a healthy head of beautiful hair  

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Three main things are needed for a good-looking head of hair, good health, the right attention to cleanliness, and caution when using cosmetic treatments.

1. Adequate Diet

Hair growth depends on an adequate diet. A widespread diet problem which causes loss of hair is iron deficiency Anemia. The cause is too little iron in blood, brought on by a diet containing too little meat, eggs, cereals or peas and beans. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also needed to provide vitamin C, which enables the body to absorb iron.

2. Cutting the hair

Although cutting the hair is not essential to its well-being, it is easier to keep the scalp clean if the hair is kept reasonably short. Regular cutting does not make the hair grow strong or faster.

3. How hair can be damaged

Although scalp hair is hardy, and can withstand a lot of abuse, it can be damaged by too much or inexpertly applied perming, dyeing - Blondie to Brunette, bleaching and massage. The amount of beautifying the hair can take varies from person to person. Occasionally the scalp is allergic to the dye and becomes inflamed and swollen. To prevent this occurring, the dye should be tested by applying it to a small area on the arm. If a patch of inflammation has developed, the dye must not be used on the hair.

Most people who bleach their hair do so with hydrogen peroxide. If the peroxide is repeatedly applied, it may make the hair brittle. Hair SOS If this happens the hair may turn rough, develop split ends, or become thinned or shortened.

Natural Ways to Lighten Your Skin  

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Dark spots, and freckles, and skin-damage - oh my! Looking to lighten your complexion? Every shade of skin is beautiful, but as we grow older our skin tone can change. Freckles may appear, dark spots can arise, and skin may not be as light as it once was. So, if you're still not ready to embrace your dark side, read on for a few natural whitening tips and tricks.

Use Sunblock
One of the easiest ways to stay fair is to use sunblock on a daily basis. Find a moisturizer that includes an SPF of 15 or higher and use it every morning after washing your face. Sunblock not only prevents your skin from getting darker, but also blocks harmful UV rays that can cause cancer and premature aging. Remember your hands when applying sunblock, as they are a prime area for age spots.

Exfoliating once a week will remove dead skin cells to lighten and brighten your skin. Mix two tablespoons oatmeal and two tablespoons brown sugar with a quarter cup of milk, and stir until a paste forms. Gently scrub your face, rinse, and moisturize.

Make a Mask
A homemade mask is a great way to lighten your skin and a good excuse to kick back on the couch. Try using one once a week. Use one tablespoon of each of the following: sandalwood paste, lemon juice, tomato juice, and cucumber juice. Mix them all together to form a paste. Spread the mixture on your face and wait until it dries. Rinse and moisturize for a natural glow.

Licorice Extract
Licorice extract contains glabridin, a component that acts as a natural skin whitener. Apply a thin layer of the extract morning and evening, after you wash your face and before you moisturize. Licorice extract can be found at any health food store or ordered online. Be sure to store the bottle in a cool, dark place to maintain freshness. Note: test a small amount on the back of your arm before using on your face to be sure you do not have an allergic reaction.

Remember to love your skin no matter what color it is. It's a part of who you are and that's what makes you beautiful and unique.

Highlight Your Eye Color With Eye Makeup  

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Just like the color of clothing or hair dye, not all colors of eye shadows look great on every person. People have various skin tones and eye colors, which can affect they way certain colors of makeup look on them. While a blue eyed beauty might not look great with orange eye shadow, a brown eyed girl could thrill in the same color. Take a look at these eye makeup tips according to your eye color to get perfect eye makeup, every time you apply it!

Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes
If you want to play it safe with your eye makeup, blue eyed beauties can get great results using colors of gray, violet, deep blue or taupe. In fact, if you choose a blue slightly darker than your eye’s color, it will make your eyes appear even brighter. Be sure if you use bright colors like blue or violet that you do so sparingly. Too much blue on the eyelid will only make you look like an 80s rock princess. For those who do want to punch up their eye makeup risk factor, silver, turquoise and fuchsia can be great additions to the eye area.

Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes
Brown eyed girls who want to go for a classic look should stick metallic colors like bronze, copper or champagne and can also safely try browns, beige or khaki. If they want to add a little flair to their face, they can be bold and try tangerine, hot pink, lime or royal blue.

Eye Makeup For Green/Hazel Eyes
Those with mysterious green or hazel eyes can find flattering results when using a shade in colors like brown, apricot, purple, plum, khaki or pine green. These colors can brighten green or hazel eyes and are ideal for all times of the day. Those who seek a modern twist or who like to play it less than safe might want to go for colors of gold, lime or bright purple on the eyelid, however.

Eye Makeup For All Eye Colors
There are a few eye shadow makeup colors appropriate for any eye color. For a classic look, ladies of any eye color can try navy, charcoal, or silver. Silver can work to highlight the eye and brow areas and accentuate those who find their eyes are their best feature.

Professional Eye Makeup Tips And Beauty Ideas
Cosmetic experts are the first to say the key to a perfectly made-up face is all in how you apply the makeup products you choose. Remember these helpful tips when creating your new look!

  • Even if you don’t have perfect technique, if you have the right brush for each area of the face, you can get great results with makeup. Be sure to use a larger blush brush for the cheek areas and smaller brushes for the eye area. An angled brush can be great when you want to apply your contouring shadow color and a squared brush might be best for the highlighting of the upper lid/brow area.
  • If you don’t have an eyeliner pencil handy, you can use darker eye shadow instead of traditional liner. Simply use the edge of an eye shadow applicator and create a straight line of shadow onto the top lash line. You will find it creates a less dramatic look.
  • Don’t think you have to buy high priced cosmetics to get great results. Sure, you might want to splurge on a few special items from Sephora and other mall brands but mix the high priced items with lower priced items from brands like Cover Girl for the ultimate make up look.

Tips for Home Hair Color and Highlights  

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In today’s challenging economic times, it can be difficult to find room in the average household budget for expensive coloring trips to the hair salon. Thankfully, companies like Clairol and Redken offer home hair dye kits which can give you the appearance of having natural highlights or appear as if you underwent a professional hair color session. Using home hair color kits can help you save money and get beautiful results.

Use these tips to learn how to get the best results with home hair color products.

  1. Choosing Your Hair Color Shade: One of the most important parts of the home hair color process is choosing the shade of hair color you want to try. If you’ve colored your hair before, you can simply use the same color kit you used during your last at-home coloring session. However, if this is your first time coloring at home, you need to be careful and take your time to choose the best shade for you. Take a look at your current hair color and try to match it up to the shade samples from the hair color boxes to get a natural blend. If you want to try a completely new shade, consider looking at the skin tones and eye colors of the models on the hair color boxes. If you choose a color where the model has a similar skin tone and eye color to yours, you’ll likely be fine with the results. It’s always suggested those who color their hair at home not go for dramatic results more than two hair color shades away from their current color. For example, someone with black hair could not effectively dye their hair blond using a traditional over the counter, inexpensive at-home hair color kit.
  2. Read The Hair Dye Instructions: Before you even think about applying the hair color, be sure to read through and review the entire instruction booklet in full. While you may think all you need to focus on is the steps of application, it’s important to know what you need to do to prepare for the home hair color process. In addition, most hair color kits require users to undergo a 24 hour allergy skin test, which is vital if you want to protect your health during home hair color sessions. While rare, hair color allergies can be deadly and this test will help you avoid any major problems.
  3. Home Hair Coloring Technique: While the basics of applying hair dye include mixing the solution, applying the solution to the hair, waiting a pre-set amount of time for the color to process and washing the hair with the included shampoo, there are a few things you can do to ensure easy application and results. If you’re doing the application yourself, be sure to start by separating your hair into four sections (using clips or rubber bands to create four taut buns of hair). Then starting at your hair line, apply the solution and work it around the scalp area. When you have the scalp saturated, begin by taking one of the buns down and massaging color into the hair. Repeat with each bun. Lastly, pile all of your saturated hair into one bun at the top of your hair. In addition, be sure you wait the exact amount of time the box instructs you to wait to get the best results

Relaxation Techniques and Tips for Stress Management  

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Everyone experiences stress occasionally but if you suffer from chronic stress you should consider stress management. Stress can increase a person’s risk for cardiovascular disease such as heart attacks, heart disease, hypertension and stroke.

Uncontrolled stress can cause painful migraine headaches and sever muscle tension. Stress is so powerful that it can actually be measured through a process called biofeedback. This process measures bodily function such as sweat production, heart rate, and skin temperature and shows proof that when a person is stressed the body reacts physically. For better health stress reduction is necessary.

Through simple relaxation techniques stress can be relieved and managed with success through easy do it you methods that benefit the mind and body. Here are six easy relaxation techniques that you can do at home, the office and travel.

  1. Exercise- Many of us crinkle our nose at exercise but all exercise is beneficial to the body. Running, swimming, yoga and tai chi are all forms of exercise that remove tension from the body and allow the mind to free itself from stress inducing thoughts. Choose a physical activity that you enjoy and perform it for 30 minutes at least three days per week and you will begin to sleep better (natural insomnia cure) and feel better in a short amount of time. You decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes in one easy to do step.
  2. Meditation- When you have a moment to yourself anywhere from the bathroom to the elevator, close your eyes and focus on your breath. By concentrating on the slow inhale and exhale you are literally breathing in rejuvenation and exhaling negativity. Your pulse slows, your mind clears and you will relieve tension. Its easy, it can be performed anywhere and its free!
  3. Music- Music affects us emotionally. By listening to classical, new age or psychedelic music you can find yourself relaxing without even knowing it. Not only music but also soothing sounds such as the ocean or crickets can also soothe a busy mind and induce stress relief.
  4. Massage- Stress creates tension in the neck and shoulders. As muscles are connected when one muscle becomes overly tense it tugs on the attached muscle and can create back pain, leg pain and so on. Headaches and fatigue are often experienced due to stress. A deep tissue massage can literally rub out muscle tension and create a greater sense of pain free peace.
  5. Aromatherapy- Such as music, scents can ease stress without us being conscious of it. Scents including lavender, chamomile, vanilla and rose can create a soothing effect. You can use scented candles, potpourri or scented oils to infuse the air with relaxing smells.
  6. A Warm Bath- It works and it’s as simple as it gets. Fill your tub with warm water, bubbles and or bath salts and ease tension. The warmth allows muscles to let go of tension and by adding a relaxing fragrance to the water or room creates a dual assault on stress.
Stress takes a toll on us if we allow it to. It’s a natural response to both the physical and emotional threats that we face each day. A healthy life is balanced life. Stress happens but you don’t have to let it harm your health. By following the simple tips above you can breathe easier, sleep better and enjoy a more pleasant life through relaxation techniques.

Facial and Skin Care  

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Daily skin & facial care makes us look more charming and beautiful. By following some easy tips, you can look younger and more beautiful without spending too much of extra time and money. Before beginning you skin care regime, consider your skin type, is it oily, normal, combination, dry, sensitive, or sun-damaged. After knowing your skin type, you can use products available in the market meant for your skin. However, healthy skin is something that is from within; eating healthy food and avoiding stress can help you the most in this. The four basic steps of skin and facial care are:

Start your skin care with cleansing. Get a cleanser that suits your skin type. Steer clear of soaps as they make your skin dry; cleansers on the other hand contain oil, surfactants and water. Cleanser helps to remove oil, dirt and makeup from your skin effectively. However, using cleanser too often can also be harmful; at times just washing your face at night is enough. In the morning, it's great to use a splash of lukewarm water to remove excess oils from your skin caused by nightly moisturizer.

Scrubs are very useful for removing the top layer of dead skin cells that make your complexion dull. A gentle scrub with tiny grains is the best for all skin types, as big grains in cheap scrubs can tear your skin and can cause rather more harm than good. You can also use a half-teaspoon of sugar for scrubbing your face. Keep rubbing it until it melts away and then wipe off your face with a warm & wet cloth. Thrash of the flour can also be used for scrubbing. You can also find some good scrubs in the market.

Moisturizer is a must for everyone, no matter which skin type you have. Even oily skin will benefit from moisturizers. Only the skin with acne should avoid it. Your skin will tell you that how much moisturizer is needed. If your skin is tight, it means that it needs moisture, but do not over moisturize your skin as it can cause clogged pores. You can go for any of the good quality moisturizers available in the market, but make sure that you read the information written on it as for which skin type it may be used. Olive oil can also be used to give your face required moisture, but it can only be used in winters.

Use Sun-Screen
The skin care you're doing can go waste if you don't have the habit of using sun-screen lotion. Yes, the UV Rays of the Sun adversely affect our skin, even causing skin cancer. It is important to make a protection shield on your skin while going out. Skin care is not only about doing cleansing, scrubbing and moisturizing, but it's also about maintaining. Apply sun-screen lotion daily on exposed parts of the body on daily basis to avoid tanning and other skin-related problems.

Some Other Skin-Care Tips
Along with your face, other parts of your body also need care. If your eyes look puffy or swollen, wash your face and cover your eyes with sliced potatoes or cucumbers for a few minutes. This is really effective in the morning. Clean you nails with white vinegar before applying nail polish for a smoother finish and make it last longer. Olive oil mixed with melted beeswax can serve as a great lip balm. Try all these tips suggested and get prepared for receiving bunch of compliments for your glowing & youthful skin.